More About Philip Gabbard? Really?

Let’s see. And just when I thought my whole ‘deep thoughts’ thing about ‘Who Am I?’ would have curbed this question.
Ok, I like my life. I like a lot of things about my life. And I really like life in general. It fascinates me. It should fascinate us all.
I am an Indiana-born, Arizona raised Texan who lived in Oregon, Virginia, and California. I was Journalism major as well as a 310-pound D1 college football player, educated by good times, great coaches and fun friends.

When I found out how much money a journalist made, well, I journeyed as fast as I could along another path – a prosperous 22-year career in Radio and Television sales, management and marketing. In those years I taught and trained legions of ‘newbies’ in the magic of sales & marketing and all things in the crazy world of ‘the creative arts of interpersonal skills.’ This meant that I was a good talker, or bull-shitter…take your pick.

So life moves on. And I did too. I quit that life-sucking career and ventured out on my own business…An Advertising Agency. Ooooh! Big whoop. Ok…it is. But, like advertising, life it isn’t always what it seems. Why the struggle? Not just for me. But for everyone…?

So I began to investigate as any good journalist would, and I got to the root of the problem. And in doing so…I discovered THISday. So now I am a writer too, I suppose.

Oh, and I love dogs. And old cars. And thinking. And tequila.

Are you impressed yet?

Ugh! Enough about me. Look, I am just like a ton of other people…ok!? I like a lot of things…then shit happens, and then we struggle or fail. And we start over. And start over again.

Well, some of us do. Some of us just quit. Some can’t figure it out, so they stop. Some don’t know how to fix it. Then life begins to suck. They get stuck. We all get stuck, at times.

But now there’s THISday. And I discovered it! Not really. But I did.

THISday is cool. THISday is real. It’s simple. It’s deep. And we can all have it. In fact, we all have it already. It’s just time to understand it. It’s time to use it.

THISday is all there has ever been. This is why the about me question bugs me…because it’s all about yesterdays. But, I digress — no regrets for yesterdays. Just THISday I can do something about.

How about that?