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Praise for THISday

The hard part about THISday, but vitally important, is spreading the word.

Praise for THISday

Hi my name is Philip Gabbard.
“Who am I?”

We are all a lot things, aren’t we?  Am I a man, a father or a son?  I am poor.  I am wealthy.  I am a husband.  A friend.  I am old and I am young.  I am a memory for some, and a future for others.  I am a face in the crowd, or in an old photo…lost.  I am a writer, a thinker, a creator, a client, a peddler, a mentor and an advisor.  I am a cheerleader.  I am a player.  I am everything to some.  And I am nothing to most.  Could I be just a spirit guide having a temporal cosmic and physical experience?  So who I am may matter not.  For THIS to matter takes understanding, listening and words…shared…and experienced, while there still is time left.  So for now, I am THISday.  Just like you.  I am THISday, because there is no such thing as THISyesterday or THIStommorrow.  I have decided, that is Who I Am.
Other than all that…I am just a writer/thinker/entrepreneur who thought it was time to share THISday.  It’s time to do my humanly duty to give some, be some, share some…Awesome!
Thanks for coming along,
Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
Get on the path to financial freedom.

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Choosing THISday exposes & energizes a dynamic, fresh conversation and provides a better understanding from which to enhance our life’s most valuable moments and empower our days…with the simplest of tools – our words.

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The thing I loved about THISday by Philip Gabbard is its honesty. He did not conform to the traditional layout and spoke his mind as if writing in his journal, or writing to a very close friend. Here is my THISday by Philip Gabbard Book Review…